"I have taken many courses during my nursing career of nearly 20 years - this one stands out as the best by far! I'm still raving about it to my friends and co-workers. Chris and her team gave me the necessary knowledge and skills that I can use to launch a new career in legal nurse consulting if I choose, but more importantly, I can use them every single day in my current nursing role. This course has made me more knowledgeable, confident, and a better nurse in so many ways. People actually sit up and take notice when I am speaking! It is my belief that every nurse, regardless of their practice area would benefit greatly from this course. You wont regret it!"

CanLNC Legal Nurse Consulting Courses

CanLNC is Canada's premier educator of Legal Nurse Consultants - teaching nurses how to apply their experience and knowledge to the law. Our courses are renown for the quality of instruction, breadth of experience of our instructors, and superior treatment at the course facility.   We are pleased to announce that our Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting live course was recently been accepted as credit towards a nursing degree at a Canadian college - a fabulous recognition of CanLNC education! 

For questions on Legal Nurse Consulting, see What is a Legal Nurse Consultant.

For your convenience CanLNC Education provides two options for completing your Introductory Legal Nurse Consulting education. Choose the one that's right for you!

  • The online Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting' course allows you to learn how to be a Legal Nurse Consultant and analyze adverse events.  Following completion of the online course, you will be prepared to work as a Legal Nurse Consultant. This course may also be of interest to Risk Managers, Quality Improvement, Patient Complaints and Patient Safety personnel.
  • The four day liveIntroduction to Legal Nurse Consulting' course will provide you with the core skills required to work as a Legal Nurse Consultant in independent practice. The curriculum includes all the content covered in the online course. Additionally, the live course includes sessions on the LNC at trial and a mock malpractice trial with medical malpractice lawyers, business and marketing instruction - as well as the opportunity to network with other LNCs and business and legal professionals.
  • If you've completed the online Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting course, you can 'Continue Your Legal Nurse Consulting Education' by attending the last two days of the live course.  This course provides the rare opportunity to meet and learn from top medical malpractice lawyers, and get core instruction from business and marketing experts.
CanLNC Education