Legal Issues in Nursing course - comments

"Thank you for a fabulous course!"..."It reinforces my passion for being accountable and continuing to meet the standards of an educator in healthcare“..."It will empower me to educate my students better."..."I will be sharing the information with collegues, and do what it takes to make my client care and charting accountable to me"..."I will tell the world!"..."I felt I have learnt a lot and have enjoyed this course very much!"..."From this course I have learnt the importance of meeting the level of care for patients to avoid injury and possible litigation."..."In terms of content - excellent. It incorporates innovative learning techniques."..."As a huge advocate of patient safety, it has given me some great ideas to influence my nursing colleagues as to the importance of standards and particularly documentation"..."Thank you. The course is excellent. Very high quality."

Legal Issues in Nursing Course

Empowering Nurses with Medical/Legal Knowledge

Live and Online

100% of attendees said they would recommend this course to their colleagues!

Lawsuits happen everywhere medicine is practiced and thousands of nurses are sued every year. The threat of litigation is real. Stop wondering and stop worrying and discover important and practical lessons from hundreds of nursing and medical malpractice cases. Mistakes happen - they are invaluable opportunities that nurses can learn from - to improve their care, and protect their patients and themselves.

"Legal Issues in Nursing" was developed on the belief that legal knowledge can improve healthcare outcomes and promotes an understanding of nursing responsibility as a way to improve patient safety. 100% of the nurses who took this course said that the knowledge they gained made them more aware of their legal responsibilities, improved their nursing documentation and made them a better nurse. The lessons you learn will be motivating, reflective and powerful.

This course can be applied for 6.5 hours towards the annual continued learning (Quality Assurance, Reflective Learning, Professional Development, Competence Assessment, Practice Review) required by your nursing registration body! Actual course run time is 100 minutes. Please contact your association or employer for potential funding for this very relevant course.

In this exciting course you will:

  • Learn about the medical legal landscape and an understanding of the legal process
  • Work through a nursing negligence case study
  • Identify the most frequently sued nursing specialty areas
  • Identify the top five issues in nursing negligence
  • Learn valuable tips to minimize your legal risk

This course is for all nurses from all specialty areas including RNs, RPNs, LPNs, NPs, NAs, Midwives, student nurses, risk managers, policy makers, nursing managers and nursing and clinical educators. For group rates and live presentations of Legal Issues in Nursing contact us at

This course is available online immediately!    Click here for further details on accessing this course. 

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